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Founder & President  The CareEnough Center For Boys

Founder & President

The CareEnough Center For Boys


He was the Chief Administrator for the Georgia Department of Family & Children Services (DFCS), and served as the Director of Integrated Family Support for the Georgia Department of Human Resources (DHR). He is the former DFCS Regional Director/Administrator of Fulton County (Atlanta), the largest public Child Welfare System in Ga. and the past DFCS Director of Richmond County (Augusta, second largest city in GA).  He was the Interim-Executive Director and the Chief Operating Officer of Chicago Child Care Society, the oldest Child Welfare agency in the state of Illinois.

Kenneth’s professional expertise and vision are augmented by his survivorship of emotional, physical and sexual abuse. He exercised fearless courage to hold accountable those within the Archdiocese of Chicago who perpetrated crimes against him. Thus he brings a unique approach, in tandem with his clinical and practical child welfare experience, that solidifies him as the expert to provide sound advocacy, life changing keynote addresses and retreat facilitation that is authentic and effective in helping participants’ transition from victim to victor. His proven techniques, compassion and positive example allow them to move forward in achieving their personal, professional and mental health goals.

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Kenneth F. Joe, Sr. credits his success in life to a family foundation rooted in Christian values.  The second youngest of eight children, Kenneth learned that life is much easier when you share and listen to the wisdom of those who came before you. Although he spent many of his formative years growing up in the Wentworth Garden Projects in Chicago, Kenneth reflects “Even though we were poor, we didn’t feel it because we had love and discipline in our home; although like most households, it was “perfectly imperfect”.  Throughout the six years I was sexually abused, I some how knew God was with me.  This is shocking even to me, since it was my Pastor who was my abuser. Ironically, the same passion that my mom had for giving us a foundation of Church & God; both led to my abuse and helped me Survive a Victor through it.” 

From his humble beginnings, Kenneth went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with a minor in Social Work from Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois, a Masters of Science degree in Human Services Administration From Spertus College in Chicago, Illinois, and a Masters of Science degree in Clinical Counseling from National-Lewis University in Chicago, Illinois.

Today, Kenneth uses his expertise and passion as an advocate for children and young adults and as a Lobbyist for the State of Georgia, and to assist organizations and companies in their commitment to save children’s lives.

Simply stated, Kenneth is dedicated to changing lives by “caring enough” and challenging us all to join in this fight. 

Kenneth is the author of From Abused to Protector: Claiming Your Life After Your Church Sexually Abuses You.  

In October 2014, Kenneth founded "The CareEnough Center For Boys" (CECB) to address the needs of "boys" who are often forgotten in the sexual abuse/sex trafficking conversation.  The CECB will work to Prevent Sexual Abuse  and/or Provide Supportive Healing Services to those who may be struggling to emerge victorious over the pain of their abuse.

He is married to his wife and best friend of 19 years, and they are the parents of an amazing teenaged son.

From Abused to Protector

A Story of Hope, Forgiveness and Triumph

Sexually abused as a child by his Church Pastor for six years, Kenneth F. Joe Sr. defines himself as a survivor and not a victim. After settling the case with the Archdiocese of Chicago in June 2006, Kenneth now courageously tells his story as an alarm to wake up individuals and community members who are in position to protect children  . . .  and as an inspiration and hope for those who struggle to move forward from the pain and betrayal of their abuse. The book chronicles a blueprint to conquer the pain, and to overcome the inevitable fracture of one’s soul. It offers ultimate encouragement for survivors’ journeys to forgiveness, triumph over the past and access to the future. 


“Kenneth has redefined the meaning of victim. By sharing his story he has taken away the cloud of shame and embarrassment associated with sexual abuse and has illuminated the characteristics of a true warrior, successfully reclaiming his life.  Kenneth has taught us all how to live battle ready.” 

Denice Murray, MA
Associate Deputy Director
Illinois Department of Children and Family Services

“If courage, bravery, integrity and self-sacrifice are the things which heroes are made, then Kenneth Joe is certainly a hero.  He has courageously opened his own life of victimization sacrificing his privacy and perhaps his peace. So that other victims of sexual abuse, may be encouraged and motivated to seek help and for potential victims to recognize and avoid the grooming trades of the pedophile.”

Phillip Aaron
Attorney at Law, Represented Mr. Joe

"Kenneth Joe's book is enlightening because it gives a first-hand account of sexual abuse and its devastating consequences.  As a mediator, I have worked with over 400 victims of cleric sexual abuse.  Only one, Kenneth Joe, has recovered and now leads a productive and healthy life with his wife and family." 

Richard M. Calkins 

To order a hard copy contact me on the contact page and I will send you an autographed copy for $12.00 with free shipping.  Click button below for a Kindle Copy from Amazon.

To order a hard copy contact me on the contact page and I will send you an autographed copy for $12.00 with free shipping.  Click button below for a Kindle Copy from Amazon.



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